The Transitions Hub is a policy-oriented in-house lab unit located in Brussels, where we enable interactions with key EU organisations and external experts in fields such as sustainability transitions & system innovation, EU/regional policy and circular economy.

The Challenges

What is the Problem?

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Climate change is a complex issue because of the systemic implications for solving it. Decision-making processes in climate innovation and governance are often ineffective and leave key stakeholders out of relevant conversations. In order to succeed in a climate transition, we need to explore the best ways of “doing” while capturing as much knowledge as possible to support the design of operational programs and action plans. We embrace the complexity of applying system innovation to climate change and make it accessible and useful for practitioners and policy-making processes.

Main Activities

What We Do

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  • Evidence-based research, i.e. Climate-KIC activities, regional development and EU policy
  • A knowledge service approach to foster good practices for the capitalisation of projects and develop actions based on a science-policy-practice interface 
  • Consolidate practice-based knowledge in the form of handbooks, i.e. participatory methods & technical assistance, as part of the process of adapting technical and scientific knowledge for practitioners
  • Policy-driven pilots and experiments related to local participatory processes and technical assistance with the final purpose of revealing/highlighting new opportunities for Climate-KIC. Results gathered from these pilots are codified and analysed through dashboards of bottom-up indicators.
Core Team

Who We Are

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We work as a dynamic cross-functional team integrating colleagues from different areas and units

  • Cristian Matti,  EIT Climate-KIC Head of Strategic Research and Transitions Hub Lead
  • Annalisa Spalazzi, Regional Innovation Scheme Ecosystem Developer
  • Beatriz Camacho Avila, Regional Innovation Scheme Ecosystem manager
  • Ignacio Chanza Bango, Innovation Portfolio Orchestrator
  • Salvatore Martire, Sensemaking and Strategic Learning Lead 
  • Eva Enyedi, Data Science expert & Water Scarcity Project Manager

We have reached here because of the effort and creativity of amazing people such as Irene Vivas Lalinde, Valerie Fowles, José Manuel Martín Corvillo, Cliona Howie, Julia Panny, Blanca Juan Agullo, Eusebiu Stamate and Alice Bauer among other colleagues from EIT Climate-KIC and our partner community.


EIT Climate-KIC Team

EIT Climate-KIC Team

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Joint Research Centre

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European Environment Agency

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