Knowledge Visualisation

Value Network Mapping on Circular Economy in Bulgaria

Deep Demonstrations programme on Circular and Regenerative economy

Value Network Mapping allows multi-stakeholders engagement on policy-driven & mission-oriented co-design process by bringing a high-quality tailored process. 

WHAT: mapping, understanding and sense-making of the industrial landscape of Bulgaria before prototyping policy interventions

HOW: online focus groups – interactive exercise prepared by VITO Nexus and EIT Climate KIC, guided by local partner Cleantech Bulgaria

WHO: policymakers and practitioners in three focus groups: local waste management, start-up acceleration, and industrial clusters network

TOPIC: the systemic transformation of the local economy to a circular system

VNM’ing proved to be a collaborative approach with the objective of understanding systems, sensemaking and knowledge creation. In three workshops with focus groups, a rich view (230 entries) on the demands and expectations, as well as offers and possibilities was mapped.

The outcome of VNM includes prototyping of policy interventions on targeted market support, strengthen collaboration and enable new roles and relations

Focus group: Recycling companies 

Focus group: Clusters