Developing a Transformative Theory of Change

EIT Climate-KIC MOTION project

Developing a Transformative Theory of Change from Climate-KIC on Vimeo.

Tackling the climate crisis requires transformative system change – a fundamental shift to place sustainability at the core of our societal systems. But how can projects, programs and other initiatives assess their contribution to this transformation, before, during and after their lifespan?
A Transformative Theory of Change is a tool that can help you design, implement, and evaluate projects aimed at transformative system change. The tool combines the Theory of Change methodology with the Multi-Level Perspective (MLP) as a way to map and understand changes enabled by a project or program. It can be used to facilitate a co-creation process among societal stakeholders invested in sustainability, connecting innovation with societal challenges through the effective delivery of knowledge service.

During this webinar,  we will learn when, how and why to use a Transformative Theory of Change by looking at real-life cases from EIT Climate-KIC’s projects SATURN, ACT on NBS and SuSMo.

This workshop is organised in collaboration with MOTION, a project led by the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium (TIPC)

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