The interdependent challenges of climate change need innovation in systems of practice and provision, not single innovation in products and processes.

In this context, regions and cities face the challenge of dealing with climate risks and impacts, while moving to more sustainable, zero-carbon and resilient pathways. This is a major opportunity for a new, sustainable market to combine existing knowledge and economies of scale that exist within territorial strategies to produce new systemic solutions. However, there are considerable differences in progress between the leading geographies (mostly in Northern/Western Europe) and the one’s lagging behind.

This study aims to contribute to a better understanding on innovation platforms as a mechanism to accelerate innovation in the urban environment that can contribute to enhance collaboration to achieve more equally distributed progress across all Europe. This paper addresses the role of innovation platforms as catalysers of existing (or new) innovation systems in the field of low carbon economy to explore market opportunities. Additionally, this paper seeks to highlights the effect of inclusive approaches for enabling the transitions in sustainable land use area.

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