X-CURVE booklet. A sensemaking tool to foster collective narratives on system change

The X-Curve is a visual tool to create a richer understanding of the transition dynamics within society or a specific context (e.g. neighbourhood, city, region, etc.). It facilitates the co-creation of a common language and understanding of the current societal dynamics.

  • It is very suitable for application in multi-stakeholder settings aimed at jointly exploring the design of alternative actions to support system change.
  • It can be applied at any point during a project’s development
  • It can be used in co-creation workshops or self-reflection exercises as a sense-making tool to explore potential interventions as part of a collectively created narrative

This handbook has been developed through the collaboration between DRIFT for transition and EIT Climate-KIC. You can also find applications of this tool in the MOTION Handbook.

Download the booklet Here

Watch the webinar on X-CURVE Here